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.com/booktv. author an astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson on america's call for scientists and engineers. >> as nasa's future goes, so, too, is that of america. and if nasa is healthy, then you don't need a program to convince people that science and engineering is good to do. because they will see it writ large on the paper. there will be calls for engineers to help us go ice fishing on europa where there's an ocean of water that's been liquid for billions of years. we are going to dig through the swiss of mars and look for life. that would give me the best biologist. look at the nasa portfolio today. it's got biology, chemistry, physics, geology, aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, all the s.t.e.m. fields, science, technology, engineering and math, represented in the nasa portfolio. a healthy nasa pumps that but a healthy nasa is a flywheel that society casts for innovation. >> over the past 15 years booktv has aired over 40,000 programs about nonfiction books and authors. booktv every weekend on c-span2. >> taking a look at what's ahead this morning. aske..
, disingenuous. >> we have repair work to do and i think we have hard questions we need to ask of the nasa about what is really happening in this program. >> talk ministers are in washington for meetings with lawmakers and administration officials. the surveillance program is on the agenda but the administration insists that is not the main focus. >> a german newspaper is reporting that president obama knew chancellor merkel's mobile phone was tapped back in 2010 and approved the spying and ordered it to continue. the paper quote add high ranking n.s.a. official as the source who also said that the president was told about the spying by the n.s.a.'s director himself. >> the doctor convicted in the death of michael jackson is a free man after serving half of his four-year sentence. conrad murray was released from jail in downtown los angeles after midnight with unhappy jackson fans waiting. the attorney got into a heated exchange. >> if you were not so ignorant you wrote know he was not convicted of murder. >> he loved michael jackson. michael jackson loved i. >> the former cardiologist was convi
evening s a man from has allegedly hacked into thousands of american computer systems, including nasa. he has been charged in the u.s. but not in britain with accessing a u.s. governmenter without author dation. luke putkonen is promising to make sure that gay as has bean athletes competing in the olympics next year will be made to feel comfortable. he made the comments in front of the head of the international olympic committee. he has been widely criticized for introducing a ban on so-called homosexual problem ganda. >> ma people were injured when a vehicle crashed into a crowd in tiananmen square in beijing. the main route through the square was briefly closed. police evacuated the main part of the square. meanwhile, also in china, three activists have gone on trial. their crime, campaigning for greater transparency by government officials. they have been charged with illegal assembly after they got together a dozen people at their home. here is our report from outside the court. >> and i am afraid we don't seem to be able to bring you that report from china. still to come on tonight's
sunday at five on c-span2. >> author neil on the call for scientists and engineers. >> as nasa's engineer goes so too does that of america and nasa's healthy, then you don't need a program to convince people that science and engineering is good to do because you will see it writ large on the paper. they will call for engineers to help you go ice fishing where there's been liquid for billions of years. we are going to dig through the soil that would give the the best biologists. look at the national portfolio today. it's got biology, chemistry, physics. science technology engineering and math represented in the nasa portfolio. nasa is a wheel that society catches for innovation. >> just hours after the japanese attack on pearl harbor and before her husband underestimation first lady eleanor roosevelt was on the radio talking with america. >> i'm speaking to you tonight in a very serious moment in history. the cabinet is convening and meeting with the president. they convened with the president all afternoon in fact the japanese ambassador was talking to the president of the very time that
. including nasa. 28-year-old loweri love and his partner stole the information of thousands of government employees including military service members. the motive was to disrupt the operations and infrastructure of the u.s. government. it is not clear if love tried to sell or profit from it in any way. >>> remember all of the federal workers who filed for unemployment in the 16 day shut down. they are told they have to give the money back because they received back pay while out of work. that is not cool. that is double dips. you can't keep both. nationally 70,000 workers filed for unemployment and amounting to millions in jobless benefits. >>> and a possible motive in a brutal attack that left a family dead. the information that may have set the shooter off. >>> new information on whether the u.s. needs to change its policy in the middle east in attacks that targeted christians. >>> what he saw the night that four americans were killed in benghazi. >> i could hear the gunshots and he said, this man, coming in to the mission, his voice, he was scared and you could tell he was scared and r
arrested and charged with hacking into the computer systems of several federal agencies including nasa and the epa. 28-year-old lori love was arrested at his home northeast of london. he was indicted in new jersey where he allegedly used a server to carry out the attacks. and love also faces attacks in virginia, and it costs americans millions of dollars. >> penn state university has reached an settlement with many victims of former coach jerry sandusky. it will pay nearly $60 million to over a dozen people. sandusky was convicted last year and is currently serving a sentence. >> reporter: it's a big settlement and these agreements have been reached one by one and now the university said nearly all of sandusky victims will now be compensated. >> reporter: it marks the end of a troubling period for penn state. nearly $60 million to be i submitted among 26 young men sexually assaulted by the former assistant football coach. in a statement the university president said we hope this is a step forward in the healing process. we cannot undo what has been done but we need to learn from this a
used by the u.s. missile defense agency, army, as well as nasa. justice correspondent pete williams joins us. he was arrested friday and we're getting the details now? >> the court documents were unsealed today, he lived in the southeastern coast of england. not only the agency you mentioned, department of energy, health and human services he infiltrat infiltrated. he was not so much interested in government secrets but personal identifying information for people who were contractors and quote from e-mails he was sending to other hackers from australia and sweden, describing how to install back doors on the sites and use them later to get information. they quote an e-mail he send saying, it's basically every piece of information you'd need to do full identity theft on any employee or contractor. so at the request of the u.s., british authorities arrested him on friday. there are charges pending in two separate courts here in the u.s. now they will see extradition undoubtedly to get in here and face these charges. >> thank you very much. the website has a new look. gon
will travel. but nasa astronaut, don thomas, from towson university, tells me, it is also about learning to collaborate. >> they were working as a team. these were groups of five or six. this is how engineers work in the real world. they don't work by themselves. >> students think for weeks. >> air pressure from the psi forces water out. >> do you think it's going to work? >> i'm not sure. >> reporter: the future physicist and his team give it a go. >> got it to go about 22 yards. and today's rocket launch record was 47 yards. denise, back to you. >> collaboration. thank you, mary. >>> if you'd like to learn more about the nonprofit ingenuity project, head to our website,, click on news, and then local. >> that's fantastic. it's almost as good as the mentos and the coca cola bottle. >> oh. don't lessen on -- listen to what he's saying, children. >> launch a rocket. that's for sure. >>> let's take a look at temps and continues. east/southeast winds at 5. ,,,,, >>> wjz. it is a beautiful october evening. what can you expect for the next couple of day. bob has details insid
and nasa, national aeronautics and space administration. he was arrested today, at his home friday. he was part of a group of hackers who stole military data and personal identifying information belonging to u.s. military personnel. they describe him as a sophisticated and prolific hacker. court documents say there were other hackers in australia and sweden that he was e-mailing with. in one of them the prosecutors say this stuff is really sensitive. it's basically every piece of information you'd need to do a full identity theft on any employee or contractor for the government. he's been arrested. there are charges against him filed both in brooklyn and here in eastern district of virginia, just across the river from washington. >> certainly pete there's great sensitivity given the snowden situation and what we're talking about this week but also with, federal exchange rollout. do we have a time line, dates of when he's accused of trying to hack into the website? >> yes. starting last october, they say, is when he started to do this. what he would basically do is instal
agencies including nasa and the u.s. army. 28-year-old lovie love was arrested last friday at his home northeast of london he was invited in new jersey where he used a serve tore carry out the attacks. love also faces charges related to attacks in virginia it cost the government millions of dollars. >> jersey hayes begun in to the hacking scandal that brought down the news of the world in 2011. eight people, including two of the papers former editors are now on trial. rory has more now from london. >> reporter: the defendants arrived on time for their trial but the storms that hit the u.k. southeast overnight meant that not everyone could be so prompt. proceedings got underway maybe three hours late. no matter, this is likely to be one of the u.k.s longest trials in years. the phone hacking sandal sent shock waves through the british establishments. both rebecca books and andy are friends of the prime minister david cameron, andy worked as the director of communications. revelations that celebrities and crime victims had been hacked by the news of the world brought rupert murdoch's new
the rocket will travel. but nasa astronaut, don thomas, from towson university, tells me, it is also about learning to collaborate. >> they were working as a team. so these are groups of five or six. this is how engineers work in the real world. they don't work by themselves. >> reporter: students work together for weeks, leading up to today's big launch. >> when you put air pressure from the psi, launches the air out. and forces the rocket. >> do you think it's going to work? >> i'm not sure. >> the future physicist and his team give it a go. >> not bad. it broke apart. but i think it went about 20 yards. and today's rocket launch record, with 47 yards. if you'd like to learn more about the nonprofit ingenuity project, head to our website, cbs baltimore document. and we have a link there. >> difficulty upon reentry. >> that's it. >> very cool. >> i know. very cool. >>> very smart kids out there today. >> all right. we've got pretty nice weather headed our way. actually, warmer temps coming later this week. now at 64. no wind at all. currently, the barometer rising. come back and take a l
with the proton rocket and there is a lack of vision in the sequestration which is hitting nasa today. that still remains an area of cooperation. we have a new item on the which is the asteroid threat. buton't see that too often it does occur every now and then. it will continue to occur as we go down the road. our ability to deal with this is our space capabilities and developing those capabilities. russia has made that the defense against asteroids the prime aspect of their space program according to statements just the other day from the new head of ruscosmos. and the u.s. is trying to land a man on astro that there. at any rate, they are aware of the danger. the russians have made a proposal to have a specific which isf cooperation called strategic defense of the earth in dealing with this. it seems to me that russia and the u.s. have always cooperated best not over issues of just common concern but over what they used to call the common aims of mankind. i think this asteroid threat doesn't threaten just our countries, but the entire earth, similar to what is going on in syria that is the com
the quality came from a nasa engineer that took the uv protection off the satellites and made it into sunglasses. . and i was like, wow, that seems like it would be pretty good. >> and you acquired it? >> we did. and we've got a very unique model, joe. it's a business of licensing. so we do is we partner our brands with leading manufacturers of retails around the world. we brought revo. we went to charlotte and sat down with danica. and she knew the brand really well. and we started talking about it and she said, hey, this is a brand not only i wear but i love. not only are we partnering together but next year we're debuting a special danica patrick collection. >> what other brands are in sequential? >> co-founded with justin timberlake, ellen tracy, well-known women's fashion brand, in places like macy's and other brands, as well. >> a billion in sales, up from just $20 million. how long ago? a year ago? >> this is a year ago. so rapidly growing business. and the way we grow our business is twofold. one is, of course, we work with talent to promote and market our brands and g
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)